Jonathan Curtis, Ph.D.

JonathanCurtisWebScientific Director, Lipid Chemistry Group

University of Alberta

Professor Jonathan Curtis has been a faculty member at the University of Alberta in the Department of Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science since 2007. He directs the Lipid Chemistry Group in a program of research in the area of lipid science. Currently, his group is using locally sourced plant oils in the development of biobased chemicals, materials and natural fibre composites.  An additional area of expertise is in establishing novel techniques for the analysis of lipids of importance in food, agriculture and medical science.  Prior to joining the University of Alberta, Dr. Curtis worked in industrial R&D in Nova Scotia at Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd (now part of DSM) as well as at the National Research Council's Institute for Marine Biosciences. Dr. Curtis and the Lipid Chemistry Group were recipients of a 2015 Alberta Science and Technology (ASTech) Foundation Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology and Innovation”.