Bernhard Seifried, Ph.D

Bernhard Seifried WebSenior Research Scientist,

Ceapro Inc. 

Dr. Bernard Seifried is a Senior Research Scientist at Ceapro Inc. Originally from Austria Dr. Seifried moved to Alberta in 2005, obtained his PhD in 2010 and has been working with Ceapro Inc. since then on the scale-up and development of a novel drying process for water soluble biopolymers called PGX Technology. This platform technology that can be applied for generating high-value nanoscale structured materials from biopolymers for applications ranging from food, nutraceuticals, drug delivery, wound healing, pharma to technical applications such as aerogels and supercapacitors or selective absorbents. Dr. Seifried won numerous awards during his PhD work as well as the Alberta Innovates –Industry Associate r&D Award before starting his work with Ceapro. In 2014, Dr. Seifried received the Award for Scientific Achievement and Innovation from BioAlberta.