Kekinusuqs, Judith Sayers, Ph.D,

Adjunct Professor,
Gustavson School of Business and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria

Kekinusuqs, Dr. Judith Sayers is a Strategic Adviser to First Nations and Corporations providing advice on many varied issues. She is an adjunct professor with the Gustavson School of Business and the school of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.

Judith has been involved in the Clean Energy industry since 2002 when her First Nation developed the 6.5 MW China Creek Run of the River clean energy project. As elected Chief of her First Nation, she was instrumental in the development of that project. Judith has been very involved in the industry and speaks at many forums, writes opinions on First Nations and Clean Energy opportunities and relationship building. Judith was on the Public Advisory Panel of the Canadian Electricity Association for 5 years and worked closely with the Aboriginal Relations Task Group.

Judith has served six years on the Clean Energy BC board and has been the Chair of the First Nations and Finance Committees. In September 2015, Judith was named to Canada’s 2016 Clean50 as a contributor to Clean Capitalism. In November 2015 Judith was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Clean Energy BC. Judith has compiled the BC First Nations Clean Energy Toolkit for the BC First Nations Clean Energy Working Group. Clean technology is something she is committed to.

Judith served fourteen years as Chief of the Hupacasath First Nation, located in Port Alberni, BC. Judith continues to advance First Nations opportunities in business development based on their values. She is also the Chair of the New Relationship Trust Foundation, Co-Chair of the Island Corridor Foundation, board member for the BC Achievement Foundation, and Co-Chair of the Joint Working Group on First Nations Heritage Conservation.