John Brown

Assistant Deputy Minister, Science and Innovation Division,
Government of Alberta

As Assistant Deputy Minister of the Science and Innovation Division in the Government of Alberta, John Brown and his team work to provide leadership and expertise to enable the economic, social and environmental success of Albertans through targeted investments in research, innovation and commercialization.

The Division is a lead funder and proponent of government’s research and development activities, promoting and encouraging the commercialization of innovative products and processes and leveraging leading-edge research to solve pressing industry challenges. The Division also creates and expands technology partnerships and collaboration with international jurisdictions, multinational industry partners, post-secondary institutions and Alberta’s small and medium-sized businesses, to position Alberta as a world-class destination for research, innovation, and commercialization.

Serving in the Alberta government for over 30 years, John has a broad experience base in applied research, policy development and service provision. His roles in government have included research technician, policy advisor, operations manager, and executive manager. Previous to joining the Science and Innovation Division of Economic Development and Trade, John was an Assistant Deputy Minister in the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, responsible for enabling industry growth and rural development.

John is a graduate of the University of Alberta in Soil Science and Agronomy.